Baby Bottle Sterilisers

Shop the best baby bottle sterilisers in Ireland, from microwave-based to electric sterilisers. Starting from €35!

Sterilisers are an essential tool if you are bottle feeding your baby, keeping harmful germs away from your baby bottles, soothers, baby plates and more.

All our sterilisers can fit up to 6 baby bottles and keep them sterile for 24 or 48 hours depending on the model. They can be microwave-based (always check your microwave size!) or electric and certain models also have a drying function.

Baby Bottle Sterilisers

Keep your baby bottles and other baby products germ-free with these sterilisers, available for purchase online with nationwide delivery in Ireland.

MAM Microwave Steam Steriliser

A microwave steam steriliser that can sterilise up to 6 bottles in 5 minutes.

Avent Electric 3-in-1 Steriliser

A 3-in-1 steriliser for bottles, soothers, breast pumps and toddler plates.

Dr. Brown's Electric Dryer and Steriliser

This electric steriliser with drying function makes it easy to keep baby bottles safe.

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