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Rent one of our hospital grade breast pumps from €36p/m or order a manual or electric pump with nationwide delivery.

We are an Irish company offering rental of hospital grade breast pumps and all the accessories needed for breastfeeding. We want to make hospital grade pumps more affordable for mothers, and we offer advice and guidance along with state of the art products.

We know that being a new mother comes with plenty of challenges, and there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using a pump. Our products have been designed to be easy to use and support you in your breastfeeding and bottle feeding journey.

Breast Pump Rental

Get a high-quality hospital-grade breast pump by renting it from us no matter where you are in Ireland, or buy a regular electric or manual pump.

Spectra S2 Breast Pump

A favourite medical-grade breast pump with excellent comfort for your breastfeeding journey. Suitable for double or single use, available for nationwide delivery in Ireland.

from36per month
Medela Symphony Breast Pump

Rent the best medical-grade breast pump on the market, perfect to initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk supply. Suitable for double or single use, delivered to your house.

from90per month
Lansinoh Single Manual Breast Pump

A manually-operated breast pump for expressing discreetly and in comfort while on the move.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Breast Pump

Easy to use manual breast pump kit with baby bottles and milk storage pots.

Lansinoh Single Electrical Breast Pump

Electrical breast pump that's thoughtfully designed, compact and discreet.

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Breast Pumps Ireland

Are you planning to breastfeed your new arrival? It is recommended to exclusively breastfeed your baby for the first six months of their lives. There are many benefits to breastfeeding, and it is said to give your child the best start in life.

We offer hospital grade breast pumps for home rental in Ireland. We also sell electric and manual pumps and many accessories you may need for breastfeeding. We offer expert knowledge and can help with any questions you have.

Breast pumps can be used for many reasons and most midwives will recommend them to express your milk. The more you breastfeed or express, the more your body will produce. They are designed to maximise comfort and quantity when expressing milk, simulating the feel of a suckling baby.

These devices are a great help for new mothers who want to ensure that their babies are getting the nutrition they need. They can be useful if you are exclusively breastfeeding or if you have to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding.

We make it easy for new mothers to rent breast pumps that are hospital-grade anywhere in Ireland. Our rental service is available at an affordable price and can be booked anywhere in the country, including Dublin.

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Types of Breast Pumps

Types of Breast pumps There are lots of different types of breast pumps. On we offer rental of hospital grade double pumps. We sell double and single electric pumps. All our pumps are closed circuit pumps as this is best to prevent cross contamination of your milk.

There are a few different types of breast pumps and it's good to familiarise yourself with all of them and be aware of the choices that you have. There are strengths and weaknesses to all types, and the needs can vary from mum to mum.

One thing that all our products have in common is that they are closed circuit pumps, which is a safety feature that prevents cross-contamination of your milk.

Our hospital grade breast pumps are available for rental and all the others are available for purchase.

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

When deciding between a hospital grade or an electric pump, cost can be one of the biggest factors you will need to consider. With our medical grade pumps, you only need to pay a rental fee and you can extend the hire time afterwards to suit your needs.

What makes hospital grade pumps different from standard electric ones is that they have a more powerful motor, providing more reliability, consistent suction power and a variety of adjustments for your own comfort during use.

As previously mentioned, these pumps work off a closed system which means they have a barrier to stop milk and other fluids entering the enclosure. This reduces the risk of contamination and makes the pump safe for multiple users once they all purchase their own accessory kit.

The most popular model is the Medela Symphony, used widely by hospitals in Ireland, the UK and across the world. You can rent this model or a very competitively priced Spectra pump on our website, and every kit can be used in a single or double pump configuration.

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Electric Breast Pumps

Electric Breast Pumps are portable devices, generally recommended for use after the first 4 weeks of feeding.

An electric breast pump is ideal for someone who expresses often or exclusively, as it is much faster than a manual pump. If you would prefer to own your own pump, this is the right choice for you.

Due to their portability, it might be difficult to find one that works in a double pump configuration without affecting flow. Their motors are lower powered than those of hospital grade alternatives, but many mums find them just as usable, with the added convenience of portability.

Manual Breast Pumps

A manual pump can be used shortly after you deliver your baby, and there is no recommended wait time as opposed to electrically-operated ones.

Manual pumps are recommended for mothers who do not pump every day. If you are breastfeeding most of the time and only need to pump ocasionally during days when you are away from your baby or to always have some milk stored in your freezer, this might be the right option for you.

Beyond the initial 4-week wait time, however, most mothers can benefit from the additional comfort, speed and efficiency of an electrical pump.

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Pump Kits, Accessories & Extras

For hygiene reasons, every pump rented from us comes with a starter kit that is non-returnable and includes parts that can only be used by you for sanitary reasons.

The rental kit for all our pumps allows you to use them as single pumps in order to to express milk from one of your breasts, or double pumps that can be used to draw milk from both. The double configuration is recommended as it stimulates both breasts and causes a more powerful hormonal response.

You will also find on our online shop plenty of breastfeeding accessories from top baby brands like Lansinoh, MAM, Tommee Tippee, NUK and Dr. Brown’s. If you need advice or guidance on what products may suit you best please get in touch with us.

We are also your one-stop shop for mum and baby care products, and along with your breast pump rental you can add Lanolin cream, nipple balm, nipple shields and milk storage bags and containers which will be delivered to you at the same time.

Our friends and siblings often start having kids around the same time we do, and within a couple of years you are surrounded by new parents just like yourself. It is important to feel pampered in the first weeks with your baby, and Irish hampers go a long way towards making a mother see how much you care about her.

Gift hampers are perfect for when a sister, cousin or friend has her baby. They are packed with sweet treats, savoury snacks and goodies that will put a smile on your loved one’s face. There are vegan hampers available, as well as non-alcoholic ones and simple boxes of quality champagne and chocolates, so click here for Irish hampers with nationwide delivery.

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Choosing the Right Breast Pump for You

When there are so many options available, how can you get past your confusion and choose the best pump for your needs? Below you can find some questions that we often get from new mums, along with our answers to them.

  1. Manual, Electric or Hospital-Grade?
    A manual breast pump is best for someone who only pumps occasionally. An electric pump is easier and more user friendly alternative, as the motor does all the work for you. A hospital grade pump is the most powerful option available on the market, engineered for adjustability, reliability, and with suction power that can be many steps above the others.

  2. Single or Double Pump?
    A double breast pump is said to draw 18% more milk as it alternates from breast to breast and provokes a higher hormonal response. Our hospital-grade pumps can be used in both configurations and come with all the necessary accessories and tubing.

  3. What is the best option if I want to build or increase my milk supply?
    Medical grade pumps are superior when it comes to initiating and building your milk supply, and they are excellent for someone who pumps frequently or exclusively. They regularly empty the breasts to stimulate and increase or maintain your milk production.

  4. Are there any downsides to hospital-grade breast pumps?
    The only negative is the purchase price, as they are essentially medical-grade equipment manufactured by a handful of companies and thoroughly researched and engineered for hospital use. Helping mothers avoid this cost is the reason why we offer rental of the top rated Hospital Pumps in Ireland.

Breast Pump Prices

All our products are competitively priced, with all the costs outlined clearly each product page.

For rental pumps, prices vary based on the model and the hire period which can range from 1 month to 12+ months. We offer discounts of up to 15% depending on the duration of the rental. Our medical-grade breast pump prices start from €36 per month when rented for longer periods.

When it comes to regular breast pumps, we have options starting from only €40 for a manual pump and €115 for an electric one.

Please browse our online shop for more detail on pricing and feel free to get in touch with us for any queries you may have.

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